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    Research tells us that teachers have the largest in-school impact on student achievement, which is why we’ve made it our top priority to ensure our teachers and leaders have what they need to be successful.

    Learn why Marion County is a great place to teach and live for new and experienced educators.



    A rural district in the Pee Dee region, Marion County is located in South Carolina within an hour of Myrtle Beach.

    We are:

    • A small-town, friendly community
    • Within an hour of Myrtle Beach & Wilmington
    • Within a couple hours of Charleston & Columbia

    Map Location of Marion County School District

    Here are the top 10 reasons educators are choosing to teach in Marion County. 

    #1. Relationships with colleagues

     #2. Location & commute (within an hour of Myrtle Beach and other major east coast cities) 

    #3. Wide-array of benefits (medical, insurance, vacation, etc)

    #4. Strong leadership to coach and support teachers, including principal, assistant principal (at some schools), and lead, mentor, and master teachers


    #5. Opportunity for performance-based compensation (based on student growth)

    #6. Teacher leadership and career ladder opportunities, including becoming a master or lead teacher after one year in the district or joining the Aspiring Leaders’ Academy

    #7. Mentorship for all first-year teachers from mentor teachers

    #8. Loan forgiveness for college loans, including an additional $5,000 to the SC Teachers Loan Forgiveness program for critical geographic schools and critical subject areas

    #9. Opportunity to a receive a master’s degree from local universities at reduced cost

    #10. New graduates from college may receive an additional stipend of $1,500

    Marion County teachers cheering

    Quote from Dr. Bethea

    In MCSD, you are not a number.
    Every member of our staff, no matter the position, every community member and business partner, are known and integral to ensuring that our schools are environments with high-quality teaching and learning experiences.”

    - Dr. Kandace Bethea, Superintendent

    Quote from Dr. Bethea


    Explore the many bright spots from new and experienced teachers in Marion County.

    • "My biggest bright spot has been when I see students that I have taught in the past out in the community and they come up to talk with me and reminisce about being in my room."

    • "My biggest bright spot has been my colleagues. They are wonderful people to work with and very supportive."

    • "Every day is challenging in a new way. It keeps me growing and searching for new content and approaches for the students I love."

    • "My biggest bright spot is hearing feedback from parents about how their children love coming to school and how they’ve noticed how much their child has improved."

    • "My biggest bright spots are the opportunities given to grow and lead."

    • "My biggest bright spot is when students grasp the new concept that is being taught and I see the "Ah, yea! I get it!" moment."


    Teacher leadership is one of our top priorities in Marion County. Here are some of the many opportunities teachers have to lead.

    • Lead professional development (Induction 1 + 2)
    • Master teachers
    • Lead teachers
    • Curriculum Teams
    • Mentor to first-year teachers
    • Aspiring Leadership Academy
    • Supporting Teacher Effectiveness Project
    • Onboarding teams at each school to welcome teachers
    • Department chairs and committees


    Marion County high school graduates

    We're going places in Marion County—and YOU will be an integral part of educating, preparing, and inspiring all students to become productive citizens. 

    We are a district that recognizes the challenges in educating our students, but with a team approach, where everyone gets involved, we will achieve our objective.

    4,500 students in Marion County School District

    Hear from MCSD's leaders and educators about the exciting new priorities and initiatives Marion County offers.


    Led by our talented educators, explore a few initiatives offered to our students.

    • Academy of Early Learning: Consolidated Pre-Kindergarten Program
    • "Leader in Me" theme-based school at Marion Intermediate School
    • Marion County School District Early College at Mullins High School
    • Expansion of Dual Credit Offerings
    • Exploration of STEM/STEAM Initiatives
    • Advancement of Instructional Technology: Teacher Laptop Initiative
    • Capturing Kids Hearts at Johnakin Middle and Marion High School
    • ExCEL (Exceptional Children Exceptional Learning: Consolidated Gifted and Talented Program

    School leader working with an AEL student

     We offer our employees a wide range of benefits.

    • Insurance (health, life, dental, vision)
    • Retirement
    • Sick and personal leave
    • $10,000 life insurance at no cost
    • 401K and medical spending

    See salary scale.



    We have a number of teaching positions available. We are looking for candidates who:

    Believe that all students can learn and succeed in college, career, and life


     Believe that all students can learn and succeed in college, career, and life

    Demonstrate strong content knowledge for their grades and subject areas   

     Demonstrate strong content knowledge for their grades and subject areas

    Demonstrate expertise and compassion in working with low-income student populations


     Demonstrate expertise and compassion in working with low-income student populations


    Smiling Marion County student reading a book


    South Carolina Certification

    If you do not have your South Carolina teaching credentials, please begin this process immediately before you start your application with Marion County School District.


    Reciprocity for Out of State Teachers

    Educators who present a current standard out-of-state certification/certificate are eligible for a comparable South Carolina professional certificate if they have at least three school years of teaching experience credit in an acceptable position (see Professional Certification Eligibility) in the last seven years on that valid standard certificate. For more detailed information, visit the SC Department of Education Out-of-State Teachers page.


    New to teaching? Try the alternative certification route.

    STEP 1. Before you apply for a position in Marion County School District, you are required to have the required examinations completed, including Praxis or other examinations.

    STEP 2. Secure a letter from the examination providers that you have completed and passed the examinations.

    STEP 3. Select an alternative certification route.

    STEP 4. Secure Letter of Eligibility, if issued by the SC Dept. of Education, due to pending certification status (PACE, CATE, etc.). For more information, visit PACE Statement of Eligibility.

    STEP 5. Apply for a position in Marion.


    If you fit these criteria, we invite you to apply! 


    Apply now for teaching positions in Marion County

     Explore important employment information below.

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