• Upcoming Testing Dates! 

    Thursday, May 9th, 3rd grade ELA Day 1

    Friday, May 10th, 3rd grade ELA Day 2

    Tuesday, May 14th, 3rd grade Math

    Wednesday, May 15th, 4th grade ELA Day 1

    Thursday, May 16th, 4th grade ELA Day 2

    Friday, May 17th, 4th grade Math

    Tuesday, May 21st, 5th grade ELA  Day 1

    Wednesday, May 22nd, 5th grade ELA Day 2

    Thursday, May 23rd, 5th grade Math

    Friday, May 24th, 4th grade Science

    Wednesday, May 29th, 5th grade Social Studies

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  • Marion Intermediate Youth Art Month Winners.  These winners were announced on April 23, 2019, at the Marion County Administrative Building.

    Second place – Mackenzie Ross – 5th grade

    Third place – Tyler Nelson – 4th grade

    Honorable Mention – Jalena Waters – 5th grade

    Honorable Mention – Ashlynn Stackhouse – 3rd grade


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  • The community members of “New Year, New Things” purchased pizza for our A and A/B Honor Roll students for the third nine weeks.  Antonio McRae is the founder of this group and we appreciate everything he and his group do to give incentives for our students to excel in their academics.

    New Year New Things

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     We would like to thank the following community businesses, organizations, and parents for their generous donations and becoming sponsors of our Leader in Me initiative:
    • Child Smiles Dental
    • Kiwanis Club of Marion
    • Nadine and Oscar Foxworth
    • Precise Care Transport 

    These donations are greatly appreciated as we continue to encourage partnerships between our school and this community.
    Thank You
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  • 2018-19 Class Spelling Bee Winners 

    Third Grade 

    Class Winner 

    Altman, Whitney  

    Donald McBride *** 

    Champlin, Kristine  

    Jermaine Johnson 

    Edwards, Dian  


    Gatling, Shanice  

    Zyrelle McRae 

    Henry, Sophia  

    Taraji Timmons 

    Hunn, Tammy 

    Triston Hardwick 

    Moody, Tanisha  

    Napoleyonna Richardson 

    Rabon, Samantha  

    Tamara Legette 


    Fourth Grade 

    Class Winner 

    Brown, Penny  

    Joshua Davis 

    Coleman, April  

    Zyonah Grant 

    English, Jason  

    Michael Mozeak 

    Green, Gavette  

     Zymarious Baldwin 

    Knapp, Amber  

    Ja’Naisha Foxworth  

    McInnis, Franklyn  

    RaNya Wilson 

    Richardson, Joy  

    Madison McRae*** 

    Smalls, Kennard  

    Katie Wray 


    Fifth Grade 

    Class Winner 

    Davis, Rita  

          Gabrielle Glenn 

    Doughty, David  

          Jakarai Tisdale 

    Edwards, Kimberly  

        Zy’Kerria Livingston 

    Hamilton, Jonnet  

       Tania Argueta*** FMU 

    Johnson, Adrienne  

    Jamiera Sparks 

    Jordan, Kim  

    Maliyah Williams 

    Pigman, Bethany       

    Jamari Hopkins (alternate) 

    Shethe, Roshni     

    Zor’reah Gilliam 


    ***Grade Level Winner – The 5th grade winner will go on to compete and FMU.


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  • Doughnuts for DadsDonuts for dads

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  • Reading Tips for Parents

    Find ways to read, write, and tell stories together with your child. Always applaud your young reader and beginning story writer! The tips below offer some fun ways you can help your child become a happy and confident reader. Try a new tip each week. See what works best for your child.

    Make books special

    Turn reading into something special. Take your kids to the library, help them get their own library card, read with them, and buy them books as gifts. Have a favorite place for books in your home or, even better, put books everywhere.

    Get them to read another one

    Find ways to encourage your child to pick up another book. Introduce him or her to a series like The Boxcar Children or Harry Potter or to a second book by a favorite author, or ask the librarian for additional suggestions.

    Crack open the dictionary

    Let your child see you use a dictionary. Say, "Hmm, I'm not sure what that word means... I think I'll look it up."

    Talk about what you see and do

    Talk about everyday activities to build your child's background knowledge, which is crucial to listening and reading comprehension. Keep up a running patter, for example, while cooking together, visiting somewhere new, or after watching a TV show.

    First drafts are rough

    Encourage your child when writing. Remind him or her that writing involves several steps. No one does it perfectly the first time.

    Different strokes for different folks

    Read different types of books to expose your child to different types of writing. Some kids, especially boys, prefer nonfiction books.

    Teach your child some "mind tricks"

    Show your child how to summarize a story in a few sentences or how to make predictions about what might happen next. Both strategies help a child comprehend and remember.

    "Are we there yet?"

    Use the time spent in the car or bus for wordplay. Talk about how jam means something you put on toast as well as cars stuck in traffic. How many other homonyms can your child think of? When kids are highly familiar with the meaning of a word, they have less difficulty reading it.

     Reading Tips for Parents

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  • Read to Succeed

    Read to Succeed

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  • Winter Wonderland Dance

    * Admission - $5.00
    * Attire - Dressy/Formal (NO JEANS, TSHIRTS, SNEAKERS, AND/OR CAPS)
    * Concession Stand - food/snacks/drinks available for purchase 

    ***This event is open to all students; however, students seen in the office for misbehaviors and/or receives a referral between Monday, Nov. 26 and Thursday, Dec. 6 will NOT be able to attend.

    Winter Wonderland

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  • PTO- Tuesday 11/20/2018 5:30

    PTO will cover some very important information for parents. Please attend so that you can hear first hand about the following initiatives concerning your student(s):

    1. Read To Succeed - This information is critical for all students, but ESPECIALLY current third graders. If your child fails to meet the criteria as set by the SC State Department of Education, he or she could be at risk of being retained.

    2. Eureka Math - Information will be given about the new math curriculum adopted by the district. We will share:
    * an overview of Eureka math 
    * how it differs from our old math curriculum
    * website(s) to help you assist your student at home to master the skills and/or strategies expected 
    * Zearn - an interactive site that students can "play" that will help them to master the skills and/or strategies expected
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  • McTeacher's Night


    Marion Intermediate School we be having a fundraiser! Come on out to McDonald's on Tuesday November 13th between 5:00-8:00. 25% of the revenue will be donated to the school! Come enjoy dinner with the family while teachers and staff take your orders and serve.

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  • Welcome

    Welcome to Marion Intermediate School!

    I am excited to welcome all students to MIS as we begin our journey this 2018-2019 school year of growing better together. Teachers have been working hard, preparing their classrooms and lessons so all students can achieve success academically, behaviorally, and socially.

    As a reminder, all students must wear uniforms of khaki pants and a specified color collared shirt – 3rd graders wear navy blue, 4th graders wear maroon/burgundy, 5th graders wear dark green.

    The school doors open at 7:00 a.m. for students to eat breakfast, if they choose. The tardy bell rings at 7:45 when instruction begins. The school day ends at 2:30 p.m.

    I look forward to a fantastic year with our students as they become leaders!


    Mrs. Dozier, Principal

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  • Scholastic Books For Students! 

    We know our community is going through a difficult time right now. As a school we came up with a project to help brighten our students spirits and help build their home libraries by providing each student a book a month for the remainder of the year! That means each student by the end of the year will have 8 new books! Many staff memembers have been reaching out to the community and asking for their help in this! Currently we have 94 students sponsered and we would like to continue to have this number grow! 

    How can you help?:
    Scholastic offers books for $1 on sale. That means for $8 per student we can provide a book a month for the rest of the school year! Would you sponsor one or more of my students for $8? This is NOT per month!! Just a one time $8 sponsorship that covers a student for the whole YEAR!

    If you want to participate, please call or email Mrs. Redding (  We really appreciate your support and we know the kids will be very excited once their books start arriving. ❤️📚


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  • School supply list

    2018-2019 Supply Lists

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