Top Reasons Teachers Are Choosing Marion County

  • Quote from Dr. Bethea

    “In MCSD, you are not a number.

    Every member of our staff, no matter the position, every community member and business partner, are known and integral to ensuring that our schools are environments with high-quality teaching and learning experiences.”

    - Dr. Kandace Bethea, Superintendent

    Quote from Dr. Bethea

    Top 10 11 reasons educators are choosing to teach in Marion County School District

    #1. Relationships with colleagues

     #2. Location & commute (within an hour of Myrtle Beach and other major east coast cities) 

    Map of where Marion County, South Carolina is located

    #3. Wide-array of salary supplement and benefits (medical, insurance, vacation, etc)


    Salary supplements for teaching positions in Marion County SC



    #4. Strong leadership to coach and support teachers, including principal, assistant principal (at some schools), and lead, mentor, and master teachers


    #5. Opportunity for performance-based compensation (based on student growth)

    #6. Teacher leadership (inside and outside the classroom) plus career ladder opportunities, including becoming a master or lead teacher after one year in the district or joining the Aspiring Leaders’ Academy

    Teacher Leadership Opportunities in Marion County (SC)


    #7. Mentorship for all first-year teachers from mentor teachers

    #8. Loan forgiveness for college loans, including an additional $5,000 to the SC Teachers Loan Forgiveness program for critical geographic schools and critical subject areas

    #9. Opportunity to a receive a master’s degree from local universities at reduced cost

    #10. New graduates from college may receive an additional stipend of $1,500

    #11. Make a deep impact in the lives of students -- now and on their futures

    In schools, teachers have the biggest impact on student achievement. They also can have an enormous impact on a student's sense of belonging. Hear from LaTonya Yates-Ford how educators—in small ways every day—can make a huge impact on students' lives.

    Hear from Scott Collins, a high school art teacher, how he and a few colleagues started the Backpack Buddy Program that provides food every week to students (and their families) who may be food insecure.


    Marion teachers share their many bright spots

    • "My biggest bright spot has been when I see students that I have taught in the past out in the community and they come up to talk with me and reminisce about being in my room."

    • "My biggest bright spot has been my colleagues. They are wonderful people to work with and very supportive."

    • "Every day is challenging in a new way. It keeps me growing and searching for new content and approaches for the students I love."

    • "My biggest bright spot is hearing feedback from parents about how their children love coming to school and how they’ve noticed how much their child has improved."

    • "My biggest bright spots are the opportunities given to grow and lead."

    • "My biggest bright spot is when students grasp the new concept that is being taught and I see the "Ah, yea! I get it!" moment." 

    Apply for a teaching position in Marion County School District in South Carolina


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  • Virtual Coffee Chats - Marion County School District - South Carolina

    Virtual Coffee Chat for Prospective Teachers

    Get to Know Marion County School District

    Recorded on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2020

    In this approximately 30-minute webinar, hear from our teachers why they brought their teaching journey to Marion County, including how you will: 

    • Be mentored by experienced teachers 
    • Be supported by amazing colleagues who are like family 
    • Receive a salary supplement for high-need areas 
    • Receive individual coaching 
    • Take on all kinds of teacher leadership roles 

    Take a listen and learn how to apply for teaching positions for 2020-21!

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