• Operations Services Goals

    • Provide nutritious and satisfying meals, while educating our students with life-long healthy eating habits provided by our food and nutrition staff;
    • A safe and secure learning environment provided by School Resource Officers, updated camera system, access control, visitor management system, updated emergency plans, and other proactive approaches;
    • Safe and timely bus service to and from school by our transportation department;
    • Athletic programs that are competitive, safe, and provide life-long learning experiences;
    • The Operations Services Division is constantly striving for excellence in its service to the students, parents, taxpayers, faculty and staff of Marion County Schools.

    The Operations Office oversees and is responsible for the following departments

    • Asset Inventory

    • Athletics

    • Emergency Management

    • RFP Process

    • Risk Management

    • Safety and Security

    • School Nutrition

    • Student Insurance

    • Student Transportation 


    Proviso 1.113 (SDE: Surplus Property)


    Marion County Surplus Property


    Proviso 1.113 (SDE: Surplus Property) directs school districts to follow a process for transferring, or offering for sale or lease, certain surplus property that has been vacant, unused, or unused for direct student instruction for four years and not included in the school district’s capital improvement plan for future use.

    School districts must publish on their website by September 15, 2022, a list of all qualifying district property that is available for transfer to governmental subdivisions or state agencies or for sale or lease.  

    Transferring vacant/unused surplus property

    School districts must transfer any qualifying property to any governmental subdivision or state agency that has provided written confirmation of its intent to accept the property for public use by December 31, 2022. The governmental subdivision or state agency must comply with all requirements related to the acquisition of real property or surplus property, and/or requirements related to the establishment of permanent improvement projects prior to accepting transfer of the property.

    Offering vacant/unused surplus property for sale

    If no governmental subdivision or state agency confirms an intent to accept the property, the district is to offer the property for sale or lease at fair market value as determined by a neutral appraiser and in compliance with existing law providing for sale or lease of such property by a school district. 

    Penalty for failure to comply

     If a district fails to comply, the S.C. Department of Education (SCDE) is directed to withhold 5 percent of all state payments to the district until it complies.

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