• School Bus Stop Request Form

    Your physical home address must be updated in PowerSchool.  The request will not be reviewed until your address is updated in PowerSchool.

    Students should be at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

    Parents/ guardians of special education students must contact your school to request a stop change.

    Parent/Guardians Bus Stop Responsibility

    Parents or guardians are responsible for the safety, conduct, and the timely arrival of  their children to, from and at the designated school bus stop before and after the arrival  of the school bus for pick up and transport to school and the timely departure of the  child after the school bus leaves the designated school bus stop after transporting the  children from school. For purposes of this section, the phrase "arrival of the school bus"  includes the time that the school bus assigned to the school bus stop activates the  required pedestrian safety devices, stops, and loads or unloads students until the  school bus deactivates all pedestrian safety devices. (SC CODE OF LAWS - SECTION  59-67-415)

    You may click the link below or scan the QER code below.

    School Bus Stop Request Form Link


    School Bus Stop

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