Frequently-Asked Questions

  • Frequently-Asked Questions for Teaching Positions in Marion County

    What is the difference between a master teacher and a lead teacher?

    Lead Teachers directly serve teachers through a coaching model, including:

    • facilitating professional development sessions for teachers
    • facilitating model lessons
    • coaching teachers

    Master Teachers have their own classrooms with students and their primary job is a regular teacher. Their classroom serves as a demonstration or model classroom that allows other teachers to go in and observe various teaching strategies.

    Do you hire international teachers?

    We are currently unable to sponsor H1-B visas; however, we do hire J-1 candidates in partnership with the following organizations:

    • Teacher Placement Group (TPG)
    • Educational Partners International (EPI)
    • Foreign Academic & Cultural Exchange Services (FACES)

    Is Marion County a 1:1 district in terms of technology for students?

    We are not currently 1:1 with all students. The district has been able to provide devices to all grade 7, 8 and 12 students and is working to expand this initiative to all students grade 6-12.

    What are the benefits for teachers in Marion County?

    We offer our employees a wide range of benefits.

    • Insurance (health, life, dental, vision)
    • Retirement
    • 401K and medical spending
    • Sick and personal leave
    • $10,000 life insurance at no cost
    • Opportunities for advanced degrees
    • Loan forgiveness
    • See salary scale.

    What are salary supplements and who is eligible for them?

    For 2020-2021 critical needs salary supplement are for teachers certified in AND teaching in the following areas:

    • Middle Level English - $3,000.00
    • Middle Level Math - $3,000.00
    • Middle Level Science - $1500.00
    • Middle Level Social Studies - $1500.00
    • Art - $1500.00

    How do I get loan forgiveness for my college loans?

    Student loan agencies have a form that the applicant obtains and submits to the Office of Human Resources.  We confirm the hire dates and submit the form back to the loan agency.

    What happens after I submit an application for a teaching position?

    When applicants who are certified or eligible for certification, applications are directly routed to the administrator of the school. Video interview links are forwarded through Sparkhire. Administrators interested in further interviewing candidates will make contact directly with the candidate.

    Can I submit an application for more than one position?

    Yes. You can do this within your account in Marion's Frontline Application tool.

    I have further questions. Who can I contact?

    Simply send an email to Paula Grant, HR Director, at and please include the best phone number to reach you.

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  • We're still hiring teachers for 2020-21 during this COVID-19 season!

    Have questions about applying for a teaching position?
    Simply send an email to Paula Grant, HR Director.
    We're looking forward to connecting with you during this time.
  • Salary Supplements Available

    Did you know we provide salary supplements for teachers in several subjects?

    • $3,000 for Middle Level Math
    • $3,000 for Middle Level English
    • $1,500 for Middle Level Science
    • $1,500 for Middle Level Social Studies
    • $1,500 for Art (K-12)

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