Apply for a Teaching Position in Marion County

  • We're excited you're interested in teaching in Marion County School District!

    Here's important information for you to know as you apply.

    Who we're looking for

    We have a number of teaching positions available.

    We are looking for candidates who believe and demonstrate the following:

    • College, Career & Life: Believe that all students can learn and succeed in college, career, and life
    • Content Knowledge: Demonstrate strong content knowledge for their grades and subject areas
    • Experience & Compassion: Demonstrate expertise and compassion in working with low-income student populations

    South Carolina Certification

    If you do not have your South Carolina teaching credentials, please begin this process immediately before you start your application with Marion County School District. 

    Reciprocity for Out of State Teachers

    Educators who present a current standard out-of-state certification/certificate are eligible for a comparable South Carolina professional certificate if they have at least three school years of teaching experience credit in an acceptable position (see Professional Certification Eligibility) in the last seven years on that valid standard certificate.

    For more detailed information, visit Applying for Certification Reciprocity as an Out-of-State Educator.

    New to teaching? Try the alternative certification route.

    STEP 1. Before you apply for a position in Marion County School District, you are required to have the required examinations completed, including Praxis or other examinations.

    STEP 2. Secure a letter from the examination providers that you have completed and passed the examinations.

    STEP 3. Select an alternative certification route.

    STEP 4. Secure Letter of Eligibility, if issued by the SC Department of Education, due to pending certification status (PACE, CATE, etc.). For more information, see Program of Alternative Certification (PACE).

    STEP 5. Apply for a position in Marion.

    If you fit these criteria, we invite you to apply! 


    Apply now for teaching positions in Marion County

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