Student Dress Code Policy

  • All Johnakin Middle School students will wear uniforms to school and to school functions, including field trips. There may be special occasions (see Dress for Success) when the principal will grant students the privilege to wear regular clothes.


    • Khaki pants/capris/skirts/shorts
    • No cargo style pants
    • Belts must be worn
    • All pants must be worn appropriately at the waist without sagging and they should not be tight-fitting.
    • All pants/capris/skirts/shorts must be worn appropriately as the manufacturer intended.
    • Skirts/shorts must be at least finger tip length
    • No leggings/jeggings may be worn


    • Long or short sleeve polo shirts (solid colored)

      JMS logo encouraged

    • All shirts must be tucked in (girls and boys)
    • Undershirts/thermals must be white or the same color as the shirt
    • Shirts must not reveal any areas of the waist or upper body.
    • Colors
      • 6th grade –black
      • 7th grade –gold
      • 8th grade – maroon

     Over garments


    • If coats/jackets/hoodies are worn in the hallways, they must be the same color as the uniform shirt.


    • No bedroom shoes
    • No heels higher than one inch
    • No shoes with wheels
    • Shoes must be tied, buckled or worn as the manufacturer intended.  Shoes that cause undue attention are prohibited.
    • Closed toe shoes must be worn


    • Hair bows and ribbons are acceptable headwear for girls.
    • No hats, sweatbands, bandanas, picks, rags, scarves, or sunglasses can be worn as headwear.
    • Picks with metal prongs are not allowed at school.


    ·         Should be worn in a fashion that is not offensive to others, disruptive to the learning environment, or promote any illegal activity.

    ID Cards

    • ID cards must be worn between the chin and the belt.


    Anything worn that does not fall within the above guidelines fails to meet the Johnakin Middle School dress code and is not permissible. 

    The Johnakin Middle School dress code will be amended as necessary.

    The school administration will use discretion in determining whether or not dress is inappropriate/appropriate, safe/unsafe for the educational environment.