School Improvement Council (SIC)

  • The School Improvement Council (SIC) is our school’s advisory committee. SIC members take an active role in the decision making and planning process here at Johnakin.  We utilize input from a variety of Data sources as well as input from our parents, teachers, students and community members to improve student achievement for all students.


    SIC Members for 17-18

    Inez Graves-parent

    Janice Ellerbe-parent

    Robin Sealey-parent

    Natalie Grover-teacher

    Victor Voglesang-teacher


    Loretta McGill-business partner

    Alfred McFadden-community member


    The vision of the SC School Improvement Council is:

    "To promote and support civic engagement for
    quality public education in South Carolina.”

    The mission of the SC School Improvement Council is:

    "To facilitate meaningful parent and community involvement
    in our state’s public schools by providing resources, tools
    and strategies to local School Improvement Councils
    and other stakeholder groups."


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