• Our JMS Beta students adhere to the Junior Beta Pledge:

    I hereby declare that I shall always strive to be honest and truthful at all times, to maintain a creditable scholastic record, to be of service to my teachers and fellow persons  to conduct myself in an ethical and moral manner, and to reflect credit upon my school and community.


    Learn more about the Junior Beta Club at:  https://www.betaclub.org/about

  • Jr. Beta Club Hosts Spooky Soiree — an Evening of Seasonal FUN!

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  • Junior Beta Club


    Our JMS Jr. Beta Club members are:

     6th Grade
    Tamia Avant   Xiya Dawson  Tyce Donnelly   Nevaeh Gamble
    Ahmad Gause   Zaria Godbolt   Devyn Graham
    Taylor Richardson   Selena Shelley

    7th Grade
    Marily Alland   Parker Bailey   Olivia Collins   Payton Floyd
    Marvin Gause   Sydney Hufford   Hailie Lebeidz   Kayden Hughes
    Alexander Jones  Jada Leonard   Rylyn Marsh   Anna Page
    Mary Skipper   Saravan Vishnubhotla

    8th Grade

    Kaylee Beckstrand   Emily Britt   Isabelle Renee  Bryant
    Savannah Campbell   Alona Castro   Hannah Coleman
    Alissa Crawford   Noah Cribb   Jamal Davis Kendall Elliott
    Ronald Genwright   Jessica Gilchrist   Navaeh Gillard
    Ann Marie Harrell   Margaret Herring  Saniyah Howard
    Ashanti Hughes   Spencer Johnson   Samantha Love
    Charlie Richardson   Bailey Roberts   JahMere Sanders
    Elizabeth Morgan   Madison Smith   Ethan Swinton
    Christopher Townsend   Dymond Warren   Javori Wright

      Read about the National Beta Club: https://www.betaclub.org/about


    National Jr. Beta Club Pledge
    I hereby declare that I shall always strive
    To be honest and truthful at all times;
    To maintain a creditable scholastic record;
    To be of service to my teachers and fellowmen;
    To conduct myself in a manner to reflect credit
    Upon my school and community.

    Junior Beta Club