Regina Gilchrist
  • ∼An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.∼ Benjamin Franklin 


    The 2022-2023 school year is underway, and I am excited about the positive outcomes and possibilities we are about to witness. With each new day, we are fortunate to contribute to the making and shaping of lives, both adolescent and adult. Our mission at Palmetto Middle School is to Prepare Minds for Success. Collectively, we strive to provide a solid instructional program for students in a safe manner. 

    At Palmetto Middle School, we encourage students to prepare for high school graduation on the first day of their sixth-grade year. We guide students in the development and execution of meaningful plans to help achieve their goals. A part of our mission is to shape middle school students to become high school graduates equipped with life skills for the future. As students transition through secondary school, they will experience and be able to demonstrate skills in the Profile of a South Carolina Graduate. 

    At Palmetto Middle School, academic progress is our focus. Students are encouraged to earn scores of 80(B) and above within the content areas. Students are expected to give their best effort daily on written and virtual learning assignments. Students must develop and implement a daily routine for reading/studying and completing instructional technology on time. We adhere to the Marion County School District Code of Conduct. Students are expected to follow class, school, and district rules, and each will be held accountable for behavior contrary to expectations. Students are encouraged to ask questions when they do not understand directives, and partner with their teachers to receive the necessary support for learning. If they need additional help, students are expected to attend the after-school homework center. 

    Parents, we need your support. Your children need you to be active partners with the school in education. Please encourage daily reading AND writing in the home. This can be books, news articles, magazines, etc. Encourage them to use standard vocabulary when writing and texting. The more students read, write, and discuss what they are reading, comprehension increases, which leads to greater achievement. Please inquire about the activities and lessons of the day. Reach out to teachers first to ensure you stay abreast of your learning activities. I ask that you partner with us to support the academic, social, and behavioral well-being of our students. We need you as viable members of our learning community. 


    Regina J. Gilchrist