• Welcome to Palmetto Middle School where we are Preparing Minds for Success. Our goal is to help all students develop the World Class Skills of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate by fostering creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communications within the content areas. We focus on the social needs of our students by providing them with the skills required to function as growing young adults. As a staff, we continuously develop our craft to provide our students with valuable learning experiences. We communicate high expectations for academic success and expect students to work towards achieving excellence. In the spirit for which our schools was established, we strive to ensure that Palmetto Middle School is a place where students will learn, grow, and make positive impact for the community we serve. 

    Mission Statement

    Palmetto Middle School faculty and staff will strive to educate, prepare, and inspire tomorrow's citizens and leaders. 

    Vision Statement

    Palmetto Middle School faculty believes that all students who apply themselves to the learning environment will become productive citizens who can develop positive relationships and continue to achieve academically and socially.


    • All students have the ability to learn and be academically successful.
    • All students need to be nurtured toward productivity.
    • All students need true character to develop socially.
    • All students are unique, worthy of respect, and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
    • All students deserve a safe, positive, and secure learning environment.