Admission Requirements

  • Requirements for admission into the Marion County School of Practical Nursing program are as follows:

    1. Completed application and fee ($20.00).

    2. Acceptable scores on pre-entrance tests. These tests must have been taken within the last 12 months of the student's first day of admission to the program. (Any applicant or student wishing to improve reading comprehension and/or math skills is encouraged to take Applied Communications or English 101 and/or a basic math class at Adult Education and/or local colleges.)

    3. A satisfactory personal interview with the Coordinator.

    4. Receipt of the following: birth certificate, high school transcript (and GED if applicable. name change documents (marriage license, divorce papers), health forms (physical exam, immunization documentation). High school students must be entering grade 12 and have a letter of recommendation from the guidance counselor.

    5. Criminal background check that is acceptable to the clinical facilities. Criminal offenses that are not acceptable include any related to child or adult abuse, neglect or mistreatment and may include other offenses as determined by the facility.

    6. Negative drug screen. A positive drug screen is one in which an applicant has detectable levels of illegal drugs and/or alcohol in their system or those who have detectable levels of legal drugs in their system which is not disclosed and/or which no prescription can be produced.

    7. Payment of all fees.

    Those applicants who have been previously enrolled in the nursing program and who desire readmission must meet all the admission requirements (# 1-7 above). They must also have completed all Phase I courses within the past 3 years.

    Transfer students must meet the admission requirements (# 1-7 above) and have the following:

    1. Official transcript documenting the following courses or their equivalent within the past 5 years: Anatomy and Physiology, Fundamentals of Nursing, Nutrition and Diet Therapy, Nurses Math.

    2. Written recommendation from a former nursing instructor.