• Mr. Darryl Woodberry


    Mr. Darryl Woodberry          

    It is an absolute honor and privilege to serve as your principal of Creek Bridge Middle High School.   Creek Bridge has experienced success in many areas and at many levels over the years.   It is always my goal to support students, assist parents, and inspire teachers and staff in a fashion that will allow us to fully serve the students that walk through the halls of Creek Bridge every day. I am tasked to work diligently to ensure that Creek Bride is a safe and nurturing environment that provides the best learning atmosphere for our students. I am excited and do anticipate growth in student achievement and a school year that will be marked by success.

    In the spirit of this year’s theme: “We Make A Difference: Educate, Prepare and Inspire,” we maintain our expectations for a great year with quality teaching and engaging learning experiences embedded with a renewed sense of PRIDE! It is our goal to continue to build strong, collaborative relationships with our school’s community as we create innovative educational experiences that meet the evolving needs of our students, parents, and community.

    With a high level of accountability and a sense of urgency we will continue to support our school and district with our areas of focus:

    · Promoting the Profile of the SC Graduate                                            

    · Executing an effective Balanced Literacy Program

    · Making Student Driven Decisions

    · Building Capacity

    · Cultivating a Positive Climate

    ∙Closing the Achievement Gap

    ∙Developing Effective Mentoring Programs

    It is my hope that this year will continue to be filled with successful experiences for both students and staff. The bar has been set high but we will remain passionate about leading Creek Bridge forward to achieving our goals of academic excellence!


    Darryl L. Woodberry