Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Mark Todd

I’m Mark Todd, the media specialist at Creek Bridge STEM Academy. I believe the media center should be the hub of any school, so I’ve been involved with every aspect of our school over the years. In that time, my role has evolved into a “do it all” kind of position. Whether I’m providing instructional, curricular, technological support to teachers and students or simply repairing a classroom doorknob, I do whatever I can to support our school. I continually look forward to discovering new research-based practices, cutting edge technology, and up to date print and digital resources so that I may better support our students and teachers.  

My other passion is the sea. I’ve spent most of my personal life on the water and among our beautiful natural resources boating and harvesting every type of seafood along our coast. During spring and summer, I also enjoy growing vegetables on our family farm in Hemingway. So, if I’m not at work or with family obligations, my dog Jackson and I are probably somewhere among the great outdoors.