• Easterling Primary School

    Dress Code



    -All students will wear uniforms to school.



    -Khaki pants, capris, skirts, shorts, and skorts are acceptable.

    -All pants must be worn appropriately at the waist without sagging.

    -Skirts, shorts, and skorts must touch the top of the knee.

    -Tights may be worn.  Leggings or footless tights may be worn underneath a skirt or dress, not to be worn as pants.

    -We strongly encourage students to wear shorts or leggings under their dresses and skirts.



    -Long or short sleeve solid color polo shirts or tshirts are acceptable.

    -Color of uniform shirts are 5K – green, 1st grade – yellow, and 2nd grade – royal blue.

    -No shirts can be personalized.  School logo is acceptable.

    -We strongly encourage our 2nd grade students to tuck their shirts in.



    -No open toed shoes; shoes must have a back or strap across the heel.

    -No bedroom shoes.

    -No shoes with wheels, heels, or lights.

    -Shoes must be tied, buckled, or worn as the manufacturer intended. 



    -No hats, bandanas, picks, rags, scarves, or sunglasses can be worn as headgear.


    *Anything worn that does not fall within the above guidelines fails to meet the Easterling Primary School dress code and is not permissible. Revised 5/22/17