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  • Marion High School Counseling Department

    Mission:  At Marion High School, we utilize school and community resources to support students academically and personally as they develop into productive citizens.

    Vision:  The vision of Marion High School Comprehensive School Counseling Program is to cultivate and empower students to grow personally and professionally to become productive and caring citizens to make a positive difference in society.


    • All students can achieve success in and out of the classroom.
    • All students are capable of learning with identifiable learning styles  and study habits to achieve success.
    • All students can achieve success with the appropriate supports and resources.
    • Students need ongoing, positive support systems.
    • Students need academic support.
    • It takes a "village" to raise the "whole" child.  This village includes the family and community (school, peers, church, businesses, and organizations.
    • Students thrive with supportive and healthy relationships that model positive interactions that address technological, social, and emotional needs.
    • All students have access to college and career information and have a plan for life after graduation.
    • The students are supported socially and emotionally.
    • The school counselor will use quantitative and qualitative data to drive program decisions.
    • The school counselor will analyze data to improve decision making.

    Educate Prepare Inspire

     Dr. Deidra Bowden, Director: 10th and 12th Grade School Counselor

     Mrs. Renata McFadden: 9th and 11th Grade School Counselor

    Ms. Kendria Pressley:  Career Development Facilitator

      Mrs. Donnie Watts: Department Secretary 

    Marion High School