• Fair Use Policy
  • Substitute Work
  • Online Catalog
  • The Mission

    The mission of McCormick's Elementary School’s Library is to foster an education that inspires students and staff to be effective, responsible, and productive in an ever-changing global society.


    • To help students develop information literacy skills for lifelong learning.
    • To provide access to print and non-print materials.
    • To help students develop an enjoyment and love of reading.
    • To provide leadership, collaboration, and assistance to teachers, staff, and students.


    • Students will demonstrate the ability to locate information and materials in the library using common library practices such as the Dewey Decimal System and the online catalog.
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively use online resources such as DISCUS and knowledge of the internet, including online safety.
    • Students will read for recreation as well as for learning at appropriate text complexity levels.


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