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Mr. Kelvin Edwards

Greetings from the desk of Interim Principal Edwards. 

The 2023-24 school year is here and we are so excited! I would like to introduce you to Mullins High’s new administrative team: Ms. Gerald and Mr. Williams our Assistant Principals, along with myself.  We are part of the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) for Mullins High School embarking on a new initiative to improve teaching and learning.

As we embrace various changes, some things will remain at the forefront of our duties: the success of our students and staff as we prepare minds to be college and career ready. My staff and I will strive to inspire and empower our students, as well as, teachers to gain higher levels of understanding that will better prepare them for the future.  Our school motto is “Excellence is Not a Skill, It’s an Attitude!” meaning that there are just certain things that can’t be taught.  You have to live this sentiment at all times. In other words, you have to walk the walk.

Our staff has changed quite a bit, which is the case with most of the schools in the state. Nevertheless, we have acquired new talent to replace those who moved on.  Regardless of your favorite teacher being with us or not, our jobs remain clear.  We are going to move forward, press harder, and maintain a sense of urgency as it pertains to academics.  We will do more than believe in better, we actually have to be better.  I’m asking that you take this school year serious, because it is all about you and your learning.  High school is the final frontier before you become adults and the experiences are priceless.  So my challenge to you is to aim high with preparation.

I believe that everyone has gifts and something to contribute when it comes to school, so let your light shine.  Education is the key to unlocking great potential in people and, we as a Mullins High School Family are going to give you the keys.  Use them wisely.



Kelvin Edwards

Interim Principal