Scholastic Books for Students!

Scholastic Books For Students! 

We know our community is going through a difficult time right now. As a school we came up with a project to help brighten our students spirits and help build their home libraries by providing each student a book a month for the remainder of the year! That means each student by the end of the year will have 8 new books! Many staff memembers have been reaching out to the community and asking for their help in this! Currently we have 94 students sponsered and we would like to continue to have this number grow! 

How can you help?:
Scholastic offers books for $1 on sale. That means for $8 per student we can provide a book a month for the rest of the school year! Would you sponsor one or more of my students for $8? This is NOT per month!! Just a one time $8 sponsorship that covers a student for the whole YEAR!

If you want to participate, please call or email Mrs. Redding (  We really appreciate your support and we know the kids will be very excited once their books start arriving. ❤️📚