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MCSD Opens Opportunities

Marion, SC, September 25, 2019– The Marion County School District opened the doors to new opportunities today as they cut the ribbon to the Creek Bridge STEM Academy.  “We are pleased and proud to provide our students with the first theme-based school giving them the opportunities to explore the world of science, technology, engineering and math,” said Superintendent Dr. Kandace Bethea as she welcomed the many community members and business partners who attended the ceremony.  Bethea went on to explain the importance of science, technology, engineering and math or STEM classes in preparing students for their life choices after high school.  Principal Mrs. Stacy Wilbanks welcomed attendees with her enthusiasm for what the students will be able to do at the school by applying what they learn to real-world problems. “We know of students in schools like ours that have designed and used their 3D printer to make prosthetics for veterans” commented Wilbanks. “We look forward to our students making their contribution by helping to solve problems in our community and beyond.”  After the ribbon-cutting, guests were invited to the Library Media Center for refreshments and a tour of the building which included the STEM lab.  Students were busy working on projects giving the attendees an opportunity to see the variety of skills they are learning.  People watched as students built and programmed robots, worked to design projects with specialized computer programs and develop objects to be printed by the 3D printer.  The Creek Bridge STEM Academy is the culmination of a yearlong reconfiguration study conducted by an advisory committee comprised of parent, community members, school and district staff.  The school is focused on a plan of continued professional development for teachers so they can provide a wide variety of courses and extra-curricular activities engaging students in STEM education.