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Marion, SC, October 29, 2021– Miyosha Streets,  a 2000 graduate of Marion High School, delivered books she authored to the Marion Central Services Office to be placed in all the primary and elementary schools in Marion County School District.

With a passion for building self-confidence and boosting self-esteem in children, Miyosha created ABC My Hair and Me to counteract the old beauty standards as well as increase diversity and inclusion in children's educational literature.

ABC My Hair and Me is the first book released in the My Hair and Me educational book collection. Followed by My Hair and Me Coloring and Activity Book.

123 My Hair and Me to be released soon.

My Hair and Me - Kids is a blend of various enriching content focusing on encouraging little ones to love their natural hair.

Appearance, especially hair, is a sensitive topic as hair biases plague many children. The comparison of textures, lengths, and styles, results in an unhealthy impression that impacts confidence and self-esteem.

This is why My Hair and Me – Kids offers a range of characters with different hair and skin tones as well as words of affirmations to aid in building confidence. Representation matters in all aspects of a child's life.

While the number of diverse literature is growing, there is still a shortage of diversity in educationally focused content. It is essential for children to see themselves in all aspects of their lives.

Teaching kids to have pride in their hair at a young age will assist in negating bias beauty standards and encourage children to recognize their own beauty and self-esteem. The mission of My Hair and Me - Kids is to combine embracing your naturally beautiful hair with learning.

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