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Student Dress Code

Student Dress Code

2022 - 2023

The following are the dress code rules at Palmetto Flexible Education Center:

At “ALL” Times… 

  1. Success Academy at Palmetto Success Academy Center uniform shirts must be worn.
  2. Success Academy at Palmetto Success Academy Center shirts must be tucked in.
  3. Long sleeve undershirts to wear under the uniform shirt can only be solid white or black.
  4. Solid brown or black belts must be worn.  No designs or glitter on the belts will be permitted.
  5. Closed-in solid brown, black, or white shoes only should be worn. No slides, crocs, flip-flops, slippers, or bedroom shoes.

Bottoms – Khaki pants (tan only); All students are to wear solid tan khaki pants with belt loops. No cargo pants or shorts, no tan jeans, no elastic waist, no parachute pants, and no jeggings.

Pants must be the correct waist size! Sagging is prohibited. Any student that violates this requirement will be sent home for the remainder of the school day.

  1. No other color or material is acceptable.
  2. Pants must be above or on the natural waist.
  3. The Success Academy at Palmetto Education Center ID Badge must be worn at all times.

At “NO” Time Should You Wear…


  1. Watches
  2. Earring(s)
  3. Bracelet(s)
  4. Bangle(s)  
  5. Necklace(s)
  6. Ring(s) on hands
  7. Tongue, nose, lip, or eyebrow rings
  8. No gauges in the ears
  9. Gold, silver or any other color “grills” or other mouth accessories (excluding braces, retainers, or other medically necessary devices).
  10. Safety pins on the outside of clothes
  11. Backless shoes (including Crocs), mesh shoes, sandals, bedroom shoes, flip flops (medically necessary shoes will be judged by the principal or administrative assistant and require a statement from a physician)
  1. Caps, hats, hooded sweatshirts, visors, towels, sunglasses or any type of headgear in the building at any time
  2. Jackets and outerwear that do not button or zip completely down the front of the garment. (No pullovers or hoodies allowed)
  3. Bandanas, head sweat bands, and wrist sweat bands
  4. Clothing implying or promoting the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, violence, weapons, sexual references, gang activity, or ethnic or gender insensitivity.
  5. Clothing with cuts or holes showing the skin underneath.

**Clothing in the judgment of the principal and/or any other member of the Administrative Staff deemed distracting, unclean, unsafe, or otherwise disruptive to the educational process is not permitted. **                                                                                                                                             Note:

  1. One uniform shirt will be provided to new students assigned to Palmetto Education Center.
  2. Parents are responsible for purchasing a second shirt. The cost of the shirt is $10.00. Students must have a short and long sleeve shirt.
  3. If a student loses his/her shirt, then a replacement shirt for use while at the Success Academy at Palmetto Education Center will be $10.00.