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Real Men Read

Easterling Primary School hosted R.E.A.L. Men Read Thursday, November 15th. R.E.A.L. (Read, Excel, Achieve, and Lead) Men Read is an exciting reading initiative that was designed to deepen literacy and instill a love of reading in students through mentors who are willing to share a grade appropriate book with a group of students. Program goals are to : demonstrate that real men do in fact read and value education; encourage and improve student literacy skills; provide mentoring opportunities for men; and demonstrate the importance of student achievement and community partnerships.


Twenty five men from Marion, Florence, and Horry Counties participated in our program. Each participate read a book to a class and spoke to them about the importance of education and reading. These men touched the lives of over 530 students. They showed our students that REAL men read, support education, and care about them.