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Miss Mullins High Cremony

Miss Mullins

Young ladies in the senior class may be a contestant in the Miss Mullins High School if they have all of the following:

Senior young lady must have at least a 3.5 GPA on their 4.0 scale GPA and must have been enrolled in 3 consecutive terms at Mullins High or formerly Creek Bridge High School, including the present term.

Senior young lady must not have any Out of School Suspension during the 4 years at Mullins High School and be in the Top 10 of the senior class as ranked by the SC UGP.

There were 5 candidates according to these guidelines this morning that the student body voted on earlier this week:


Morgan Brunson…Miss MuHS 2022

Ximena Cornejo-Garcia 1st runner up.

Mary Luckey

Shanya McCormick

Shalia Wilson