Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Sonia Noronha

My name is Sonia Noronha. I am a Math teacher, having around 17 years of experience. My career began in India, where I spent 12 years navigating various school curriculums. This formative period laid a solid foundation in my teaching practice, imparting valuable lessons about adaptability and cultural awareness.

In the last five years, my journey brought me to Jenkins High School in Savannah, Georgia. The transition to an American education system was marked by a steep learning curve and opened new avenues to engage with my students. The diversity I found in the classrooms here allowed me to stretch and enhance my teaching methodologies, furthering my understanding of how to communicate complex mathematical concepts effectively.

In my free time I enjoy cooking and listening to music.

This is my first year teaching at Marion High school. I teach Geometry and Algebra 2 this semester. I believe that students have the capability of doing better.