• Student Dress


    All students will wear uniforms to school and to all school functions. Anytime students are on the property of North Mullins Primary School, uniforms must be worn unless otherwise designated by the school principal.



    Uniform Colors:


    Pants- Khaki pants, capris, skirts, shorts, skorts, and jumpers are acceptable

    Belts are required to be worn and shirts tucked. GIRLS and BOYS must wear shirts tucked!


    Shirts- Polo shirts are Navy blue for 5K, Royal blue for 1st grade, and red for 2nd grade. Long or short sleeves may be worn as part of the uniform requirements at NMP.


    No sandals, flip flops, bedroom or house shoes, open-toed shoes or shoes that are not closed in may be worn, as safety is a priority.


    Anything that does not fall within the above guidelines, fails to meet policy mandated for the North Mullins Primary Dress Code. You may receive a copy of the uniform policy in the front office.