• Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!


    Holding the core beliefs that:

    ·        We believe all individuals have certain basic rights and responsibilities.

    ·        Every individual is worthy of respect and is important.

    ·        Relationships are important.

    ·        Society will benefit from a common desire for everyone to succeed.

    ·        The developmental growth of the whole child is essential.

    ·        All individuals can learn.

    ·        Learning is a lifelong process.

    With these beliefs as the driving force behind every decision and action at Mullins High School, we continuously strive to provide students with a safe and effective learning environment. Through rigorous standards and multiple opportunities in science, technology, mathematics, arts and the social sciences, we are ensuring students are college, career and citizenship ready. Our teachers strive daily to ensure students are provided opportunities to creatively think and innovate, problem solve, collaborate, and use media and technology to their advantage. Mullins High School also understands that teaching children go beyond academics and we ensure they are provided opportunities to learn about life and career characteristics that are needed in the 21st century. Students are taught integrity, self-direction, perseverance, work ethic and interpersonal skills. Furthermore, we know that students must learn to think globally, not just locally, so we make every effort to teach them global perspective.

    Mullins High School understands that our students come to us at various academic levels. To further support our students, we have implemented a math and reading interventionist, provided classroom books in every classroom, provided silent sustained reading time in every classroom, created a summer reading program, and implemented a reading school-wide program to challenge students to read through the school year. Furthermore, we have provided staff with professional development opportunities to learn about literacy development at the secondary level and how we can best support our struggling readers. We continuously look at data to analyze the growth and development of our students and to determine what instructional changes need to be made. We have worked hard to create small class sizes and opportunities for students to seek outside additional academic support if needed in order to be successful. By providing students technology supported interventions, content recovery, afterschool, and academic clubs, we are monitoring each individual student so ensure they have the necessary skills to be a productive citizen in today’s society.

    Beyond classroom knowledge and by creating community partnerships, we further provide students with opportunities to grow and learn so that we may meet all of our student’s needs. This includes opportunities for students to job shadow, tour business facilities, bring business leaders to the classrooms to speak and work with our students, and teach them the soft skills that are greatly needed and required in order to be successful in any career.

    At Mullins High School, we believe “once and auctioneer, always an auctioneer” because we understand the role we play in our student’s lives. We are instilling in them a love of learning and creating men and women who will share their ideas and experiences to make this world a better place.  



                                                                                        Michael Stone