• Johnakin Middle School



    The purpose of Johnakin Middle School is to educate, prepare and inspire students to be productive citizens in a changing global society.



    Johnakin Middle School is a community with a vision that thrives on Academic Excellence, Fox Pride, Community Involvement, and an endless thirst for knowledge. Johnakin Middle School will foster an enviornment predicated on respect and integrity. This will provide a platform that allows our students to be productive citizens worldwide.


    Our Beliefs

    We believe every child has the potential to learn at different rates, if given the appropriate resources, intrinsic and extrinsic motivations and opportunities. There are many facets of education extending beyond what is solely in textbooks. Character, coupled with education, teaches our students to respect, accept, and embrace differences in each other.  This enables the educational system to graduate productive citizens. School should be a safe haven for all students granting parents and guardians freedom from worrying about the safety of their children, as they know their children are in capable, caring, and loving hands; but also are in a safe structured environment. Students and teachers should feel comfortable and safe in their environment possessing confidence in their school's leadership. Being confident in knowing that administration is vigilant in promoting instruction, health, welfare, safety, and security for everyone. To maintain an effective school it is imperative for both the administration and teachers to communicate with parents and stakeholders, knowing that an open dialogue creates relationships that permit educators to guide and mentor students.  Working as a School Community allows parents, stakeholders, educators, and students to become diverse individuals contributing to this ever-changing world.