• The Marion Intermediate School Media Center is open Monday through Friday during the regularly scheduled school year. Students and staff are able to visit the spacious, beautifully decorated facility which boasts a small goldfish pond, a woodland wall mural, and seating for over 100 students.  There are a multitude of trade and reference books to choose from, as well as globes, maps, and audio-visual materials. Media Specialist, Ms. Sylvia Elkins makes sure that upon entering the facility all students and staff are made to feel welcome. 

    The media center schedule is a partially fixed weekly schedule with oportunities for all classes to circulate books. Ms. Elkins assists two crews of fifth grade students in putting on a daily  MIS Morning News Show.  To keep the media center's collection current, funds are provided by the school, the district, and by annual book fairs.  These funds are used for the purchasing of new books and materials.

    The media center is staffed by a full-time certified media specialist. Ms. Elkins' training includes an MAEd in Education, Library Science and Media from East Carolina University and an MAEd in K-6 Education from UNC Pembroke. She has over 30 years experience as a teacher, reading specialist and media specialist.  

    Several exciting events that are held annually in the MIS Media Center include the following.  In October students and staff may decorate a pumpkin to represent their favorite book character.  The pumpkins are judged and prizes are awarded.  In November their is a Character Walk in which staff and students dress up in costumes as their favorite book characters and parade through the school.  Every year Dr. Seuss Day is celebrated in the school and the media center assists in this observance.  This Read Across America initiative involves reading books to children, decorating chairs to represent Dr. Seuss Books, etc. 



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