• McAlmont My name is Mrs.Melisa McAlmont /Lam. I am in my thirteenth year of teaching as a profession. I am also in my second offical year at Mullins High School. I taught one year at Creek Bridge High School. The remaining ten years were spent teaching in my native country Guyana; which is located in South America. While in Guyana, I taught Biology and Human and Social Biology mostly in the CxC classes(exam classes). During my transition to the United States, I have taught Biology 1 and Physical  Science. I also served as Head of Department Science in Guyana from 2012-2018.I am almost finished with my Masters of Education in Stem Leadership; I have a BSC (Biology) and Diploma in Education (Science)

    When I am not teaching, I spend quality time with my husband(recently married) and interacting with my fellow Guyanese friends and family via whatsapp or video chat. I have an immense passion for modelling, dancing , cooking, fashion, gardening, learning new things and meeting new people. I came to the United States on a Cultural Exchange program. I have three brothers. As I journey throughout my teaching career, I realized that my interest was mainly targeted on the students who were not where they needed to be academically and needed the extra push to get there. I am a firm believer of the following quotes:" Every child can learn, just not on the same day or same way"(George Evans) and "Be the change you want to see in the world"(Mahatma Ghandai)

    I am looking forward to the New School Year with you! Despite what this year has handed us, TOGETHER we can work as a team and be dynamic in the teaching and learning process.Come prepared to work!

    Email: mmcalmont@marion.k12.sc.us

    Phone number (Work):8434643710  Ext.5606



    Remind code  @364bd3


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