• Johnakin Middle School International Day 2018 -  “A Taste of Culture”

    Presented by Mrs. Spry's Read180 Classes

    Mrs. Spry’s classes have transformed our band room into an international showplace for our fist annual International Day at Johnakin Middle School.  Students and learned about people from all over the world, many of them our neighbors right here in Marion including many of our teachers. Among our guests were folks from foreign countries and Dr. Bethea.

    International Day was born from the natural curiosity and many questions her students posed to her about people from around the world and their desire to experience their culture.  Countries and cultures represented were: France, Africa, Mexico/Honduras, Jamaica, India, the Middle East, China, Korea, Japan, and the Philippines.  Did you know clothing can be made out of pineapples in the Philippines?  Did you know okra and watermelon come from Africa?

    Delicious foods from the diverse cultures included:

    • Chinese
    • Caribbean
    • Jamaican
    • Indian
    • Philippines
    • Mexican