Dr. Daris Gore, Principal

Mrs. Gore
  • Office of the Principal

    To Our Parent/Guardian(s):

        The Marion High School staff is excited about the opportunity to educate and empower our students.  Our students are the future leaders of tomorrow.  It is our responsibility to work together as a team to ensure students are given the best opportunity to succeed.  We hope you take the time throughout the school year to volunteer, attend conferences, be a part of various parent organizations, and participate in events hosted at the school.  We thank you for your support and look forward to collaborating with you this school year.

    To Our Students:

        On behalf of the faculty, we would like to welcome you to a year of becoming educated and empowered.  It is your responsibility to prepare yourself for great success. We are here to help direct and motivate you along your educational journey. You must do your part on day one.  As the learner, you need to come prepared to school and ready to learn every day.  We will be one of your biggest supporters.  Together, we can accomplish anything.  Remember, “You are about the business of becoming educated and empowered.”



    Dr. Daris F. Gore, Principal