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Each day for lunch a student may choose:  one entree (main dish) and the bread or grain served with it; two vegetables; a choice of fruit; and a serving of 1 percent plain or flavored skim milk.

To enjoy affordable student pricing, a student must take at least three of the five choices with one being a fruit or vegetable. 

Breakfasts consist of:  two servings of bread or grain (such as a cereal and toast) or a serving of bread/grain and a meat (like a breakfast pizza); a serving of fruit and/ or 100 % fruit juice; and a serving of milk, 1 percent plain milk or flavored skim milk.

To enjoy the affordable student price, a student must choose three of the four breakfast items daily.  Some entree' choices include the bread and meat and are considered two of the four items (for example: breakfast pizza, pancake pups, and breakfast bites).

The menus are in compliance with the updated US Department of Agriculture's meal patterns which were included in the federal Healthier Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.  The choices and portion sizes are based on the US Dietary Guidelines.

If you wish to print the menus, move the cursor across the bottom of the pdf file after opening it to find the printer icon at the bottom of the opened file.