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Marion County School District :: Welcome to Marion County, SC!
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Welcome to Marion County, SC!


What to give a Teacher this Christmas

An idea that adds up

Each holiday season, many parents show their appreciation to Marion County’s great teachers and staff with small gifts. They are so grateful for these, and understand that they can add stress during the holiday season as you fight crowds and search for an appropriate gift.

Our schools, have an ongoing need for simple, basic school supplies. Nothing fancy – just copy paper, markers, hand sanitizer and the like. Our teachers often pay for these out of their own pockets. As you can imagine, that can become quite a burden. They often have special projects going on in their classrooms that require materials we don’t have in school and these supplies often also come out of their own pockets.

As a suggestion, you may want to consider making a gift to allow the teacher to purchase the appropriate supplies. To do so, simply go to our district’s website or the website of the school where your child attends, look for the “Support Our School” button and make an online donation in the teacher’s honor

Your contribution is tax-deductible, you can use a credit card and you’ll have the opportunity to make your contribution in honor of one or several specific teachers. You can even honor a student or a particular initiative the school may be supporting.

Even a small contribution, combined with many will add up to be a lot.


Arbor Day celebration

The Arbor Day celebration is a collaborative annual event that allows the Azalea Garden Club and the City of Marion to continue to not only meet the standards qualifying Marion as a Tree City but to also instill in our young people an appreciation of trees.  This year the club expanded its collaboration to involve more students.  Teachers at Marion Intermediate School encouraged their students in grades 3-5 to write poems about trees.  Of those submitted, the top three received gift cards and read his/her poem to the audience:  1st place--Hailie Lebiedz; 2nd place--Saravan Vish; 3rd place--Xander Jones.   Marion High senior Austin Querubin read the history of Arbor Day and Marion High senior class president EJ Favor sang John Denver’s song “Plant a Tree for Your Tomorrow.” 


Support Our Schools!

Marion County School District has teamed up with SC Future Minds to provide a way for the community to help support our schools.  By clicking on the "Donate Now" button on the school webpage, you can make a donation by credit or debit card to the school of your choice.  You must go to the school webpage to make sure that your donation goes to that particular school.  You can see the "donate now" button below. Press the button to be taken to the site that will allow you to make a donation to support  your school.  Thanks for your help and thoughtfulness!