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Marion County School District

Marion, South Carolina


Preparing all students to live and work effectively, responsibly and productively within our society.


To educate, prepare and inspire students to be productive citizens in a changing global society.


All students can become productive members of society.

Education is a partnership among students, families, schools, and community.

Our children are the center of all decision making.

Education should prepare students to succeed academicially and socially so they can compete for quality jobs and become productive members of society.

Each person has intrinsic value and  worth and is a unique individual with different needs and abilities.






Molly in Marion!

State Superintendent Addresses Teachers and Staff at Convocation

Marion, SC, August 11, 2015 State Superintendent Molly Spearman addressed the teachers and staff at their opening convocation Tuesday morning at the CD Joyner Auditorium. Introduced my Marion County’s Teacher of the Year, Mullins High School Math teacher Mr. Lakshmi Vishnubhotla, Spearman took the stage and immediately identified with Marion teachers. She talked about her years as a teacher and administrator in Saluda County where she grew up on a farm. The challenges her students faced in her district were very much like the ones our students face in Marion County.

Spearman went on to talk about the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate, a description of skills needed by post high school students so they can be prepared for careers, college and citizenship. The skills are grouped into three categories, World Class Knowledge which involves the learning needed to be able to work in a career, World Class Skills which includes the ability to think creativity, problem solve, collaborate and communicate and finally Life and Career Characteristics or soft skills needed to be able to be successful such as integrity, work ethic and interpersonal skills. In talking with business leaders around the state Spearman emphasized the need to be sure our students possessed these skills and they would be successful in the myriad of industries that reside in South Carolina.

Teachers and staff also heard Spearman talk about creating a culture of acceptance and caring in the classroom. “When kids know you care, they will learn.” She said. She emphasized the need to create a positive culture not just for the students but for all the staff. She talked about engaging students in learning and how the state department of education is supporting project based learning where students are actively working together in classrooms.

In appreciation, Spearman was presented an original piece of art by Donovan Williams, a 2015 graduate of Marion High School and winner of the Youth Art Month award for the high school age group.

“Our theme this year is ‘I am the Change’,” States District Superintendent Dr. Dan Strickland. “Superintendent Spearman’s message only emphasized the same things that our district will be focusing on this year.” Strickland went on to talk about the four areas of focus which will be; Making student driven decisions, cultivating a positive climate, promoting the Profile of the SC Graduate and building capacity.

Teachers and staff were entertained by Morris Ward who sang the National Anthem while Marion High School JROTC students presented the colors. He also sang a medley of songs about Change, the district theme, including verses from a song he wrote. Reverend Jeremy Bethea from the Historic Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Mullins inspired the group with his message on change, that it happens and sometimes it isn’t always planned, but we are given the spirit and the tools to make the most of what is given. Darrel Jameson narrated the event which included two videos, one on young children’s reaction to a rotary phone, emphasizing the amount of change that has happened in a short period of time as well as a video put together by Marion County Technology Tech Nathan Indergaard, of teachers and staff around the county stating things they do in their classroom and in their perspective jobs that support and help students succeed.