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Marion County School District

Summer Schedule 

Summer Schedule Begins Monday, June 8, 2015
Summer Schedule Ends Friday, August 7, 2015
District Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 8:00 - 5:00

Hours for Schools Monday - Thursday 7:30 - 4:00


District names teacher of the year

Mullins High School math teacher Lakshmi Vishnubhotla was named Marion County School District’s Teacher of the year. He has an ambition to impact students’ lives and takes on many responsibilities to make things happen for his students. Known to most as Mr. Vish, he raised donations to enable students to be able to attend competitions and have more exposure. He constantly advocates for new technologies and additional dual credit courses. Always available for his students you would often see him with students during his planning time and after school hours giving them the extra help they need to pass exams, college admission tests or assignments. Vish considers it an honor that some of his students have won scholarships to prestigious institutions but nationally and internationally. His father and grandfather were his biggest influences in deciding to become a teacher. The process for being honored as Teacher of the Year begins with each school choosing a teacher from their staff to be honored. These honorees then fill out an application and are interviewed by a team consisting of representatives from Winthrop’s NetLead program and Mr. Ricky Blum from the Horace Mann Company. Once the interviews have been conducted, they are scored on different categories to determine the winner.


Angel Rozier named District support staff of the year

The Marion County School District Support Staff of the year is Angel Rozier who is said to give that extra degree of service every day. She builds meaningful relationships with students and taps into their personalities to create a special bond. Rozier is said to have a wonderful sense of humor, always friendly to colleagues, and meets everyone with a smile and a warm greeting. As a teacher assistant, she has a wonderful rapport with parents and attends all parent conferences and PTO meetings. Like the Teacher of the Year honor, each school selects a person in a support role as their person of the year and a district committee then chooses the district honoree. 


Kevin Dozier named District bus driver of the year

Kevin Dozier was named Marion County School District’s Bus Driver of the year. Dozier, a person with many hats, goes above and beyond the call of duty as a bus driver. He provides counseling, support and demonstrates parental love to the students that ride his bus. Dozier is known for giving up his personal time to drive students to special events and school functions and truly cares about his role in their educational experience.


Janet Caulder named District substitute of the year

For the first time the Kelly Educational Staffing company named Janet Caulder as Marion County School District’s Substitute of the Year. As a substitute, Caulder goes above and beyond what is expected of her, and always accepts any duties which she is given. She has proven to be dependable and presents herself in a professional manner.