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Welcome to Marion County, SC!

District Sees Increased Graduation Rate On State Report Card

Marion County School District increased their graduation rate from 73.8% in 2013 to 86.0% in 2014. Meanwhile the district maintained an Average on both Absolute and Growth ratings for the 2014 State of South Carolina Annual Report Card.

“We are excited about seeing the district continue to progress and meet yearly goals,” comments Superintendent Dr. Dan Strickland. “Our graduation rate is indicative of how hard everyone has been working for the students. But, we are not yet where we want to be as far as student achievement. We will continue to evaluate the strategies currently in place and make adjustments as needed in order for our students to receive the quality instruction they need to become successful in life.”

Marion County’s Graduation Rate ranked 13th and was above the state’s rating of 80.1%. The district also exceeded the national rank of 81%.

The S.C. Education Oversight Committee (EOC) rates schools and districts in two ways, a Growth Rating and an Absolute Rating. The Growth Rating is based on student achievement improvement from one year to the next. The EOC rates schools and districts with an Absolute based on student test scores. The state’s mathematical rating system raises the bar for all schools each year. Therefore the Average ratings meant the district performance met the standards for progress toward the 2020 South Carolina performance vision.

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