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Welcome to Marion County, SC!

SC Tax Free Weekend is August 1-3.  Here is a link to more information, including what you can get tax free that weekend:





ACT 155 Petition for your High School Diploma
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ACT 155 Diploma Request Form

Act 155 (H.3919) passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Nikki R. Haley on April 14, 2014, states in part "Beginning with the graduating class of 2015, students are no longer required to meet the exit examiniation requirements set forth in this section and State Regulation to earn a South Carolina high school diploma."

A person who is no longer enrolled in a public school and who previously failed to receive a high school diploma or was denied graduation solely for failing to meet the exit exam requirements may petition the local school board to determine the student’s eligibility to receive a high school diploma. The elimination of the exit exam (BSAP, HSAP) requirement is retroactive to the graduating class of 1990.

In order to facilitate the requirements of Act 155, Marion County School District has created a form that can be filled out by a petitioner who meets the requirements mentioned in the above paragraph. Please review the information at the state department website and if you meet those qualifications, fill out the Petition form and follow the directions for submission.

Click here for the Petition Form

South Carolina Department of Education Info on Act 155